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Hi friends, Lexi here!

Typically when I’m writing an “On Draft” post, I’ll search around and read other articles to collect thoughts and inspiration. I knew for this week, it would be awesome to share some thoughts around volunteering as a young adult. In my search for thoughts and inspiration, I stumbled upon this article. I read it. Then I listened to it. Then read it again!

I stared at the screen for a little while before I realized that there was no way I could piece together a better article than the one I was reading.

This was hands down, one of (if not THE) best articles around volunteering as a young adult that I have ever read. The points in this piece are beautiful, encouraging and something we should all read.

I don’t want to shame you if you aren’t volunteering, I know we all just trying to take life day by day. However, this article at least will bring awareness to some REAL benefits of volunteering. I really hope you read it.

Click here to read: “Volunteering in my 20s” by Alex on Medium

As always, we hope you can #fillyourcup