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Hi friends, Lexi here!

As you may know, I am a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist denomination. Sometimes, I have to preach at Growth Co.’s anchor church – West Church LKN. This past Sunday was one of those times. It’s a totally different experience than what we offer at Growth Co., but it’s just as amazing. Today’s On Draft post is going to be a written version of my notes from Sunday’s message on Time Management. 

It’s ironic of me to be thinking I can provide any advice or teachings on time management, because I have no time management. But, what I was able to find after researching and putting together into notes was transformational for me. I want to share those things with you today with hopes that it can be transformation for you, too.

The Power of Time Management:

On my quest for information regarding this topic, I came across this article:

I’ve inserted the link, but will give a quick summary of what it says:

“3 Time Management Tips I Learned from Jesus”

  1. Jesus Focused on What Was in Front of Him in the Moment
    • He listened, focused and took care of the tasks where he was without being distracted by what was happening elsewhere.
  2. Jesus Didn’t Worry about What Was Going Undone
    • He knew it would be done when it was time to do it
    • He had in mind a specific time and place where those needs would be taken care of.
  3. Jesus Didn’t Try To Achieve “Balance”
    • He had no concept of “balance”
    • He was guided wherever his needs were most needed for that moment
    • At different times he would mentor the disciples, school the Pharisees and honor his Mother and Father.
    • *But he didn’t try to do them all at once, or give them equal effort all the time*

These concepts were amazing to me, ESPECIALLY #3!

How many of us say that we have poor time management because we haven’t mastered the art of “Balance”?

Jokes on us!!! 

 “Balance” is the greatest time management myth.  Do you know what “balance” means?  It means applying equal effort to all things at all times.  Really??  No wonder we feel so guilty when we fall short of that ideal “balance”.  If balance is what we seek, we are set up for failure from the beginning. 


Lucky for us, there is still hope! Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? 

Check out this video:

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

If time management if one of your skills that has room for improvement, there are plenty of tools and resources to help you be successful. Like I said, it is probably the #1 thing I struggle with in my life currently, so I am right there with you!! 

If you do NOT struggle with time management…I need you. Haha! 

Thank you for reading today’s post.

As always, we hope that it helps you #fillyourcup