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Hi friends, Lexi here! 

I have something really fun and special to share with you today. For our folks who have received the FREE subscription box in the past, this is a revamp of that experience! For those who are newer/have not received a FREE subscription box, this is an introduction for you! 

Introducing: The 6 Pack! 


A FREE subscription box experience via mail or front door delivery, no matter where you live! “The 6 Pack” experience encourages you to think INSIDE the box. For each message series or theme, we provide a correlating FREE subscription box. “The 6 Pack” contains content that relates to the theme that allows for interactive conversations and activities. We ensure that the materials offered are practical, engaging, memorable, and fun. The items are designed for self-paced self reflection or group interaction. 


We chose the name “The 6 Pack” to align with our brewery theme. The subscription box has 6 tangible items in it that relate to the theme of the box. Along with the tangible items are “Staff Picks/Growth Materials”. Growth Co.’s leadership team consists of 6 amazing people – Julian, Layne, Lindsay, Sabrina, Hannah & Lexi. The Staff Picks consist of an intentional passage written by Lexi, paired with Reflection Questions, Bible Verses & Quotes chosen by the team – all centered around the theme of the box.  


We offer “The 6 Pack” to all Growth Co. members. Its purpose is to serve as a resource to you, so it’s completely your decision if you’d like to receive it. Please know you are loved and welcomed into the Growth Co. family with or without a subscription to “The 6 Pack”! The same stands in reverse: you are more than welcome to receive “The 6 Pack” without participating in any gatherings (via zoom or in-person). If this is your only choice of involvement with Growth Co., we accept and respect that! We love having you be a part of the family – regardless of what it looks like! 


To sign up to receive the box – please text “pack” to (704)-476-1050 and fill in your information! 

As always, we hope this is another pathway in which you can FILL YOUR CUP 🙂